The dream team

We're a team of full-time specialists and generalists - data obsessed nerds and digital marketing geeks :-)

  • dk Signe Toft Nielsen CCO
  • dk Morten Nevado CIO
  • dk Stefan Vinding Olesen CPO
  • dk Andreas Linde CEO
  • es Juan Lago Software Developer
  • dk Henrik Løvig Chairman of the Board
  • dk Steffen Rasmussen Business Intelligence Specialist
  • dk Andreas Helm-Petersen Paid Traffic Lead
  • dk Jesper Frank SEO lead
  • dk Anders Dammand SEO Specialist
  • dk Christian Andersen Web Developer
  • dk Radu Zăbavă Senior Business Developer
  • es Raquel Hinojosa SEO Specialist
  • dk Carina Jensen Office Manager
  • dk You? Frontend Lead Developer
  • dk You? Senior Backend developer
  • dk Tue Wisborg Kristensen Digital Business Developer
  • dk You? Growth Director
  • dk You? Senior Paid Media Specialist
  • dk You? Product Manager
  • dk You? Paid Search Specialist
  • dk You? Digital Marketing Director

Fun facts and super powers

We are so much more than data obsessed nerds and digital marketing geeks

Lead Supply's personalities

Different positions and tasks need different personalities and competencies. We are a diverse bunch of people and that’s what makes our team strong.

The strong-willed

We have the courageous leaders, who always finds a way to reach the end-goals for the company and will stop at nothing to achieve overall success.

The helpful

In our team, you will likewise find people who are caring, helpful and extremely dedicated to the job – and to everyone around them.

The idealist

Luckily, we also have diplomatic and inspiring idealists. These employees possess a positive energy and high sense of morality.

The pragmatic

You can also find smart, perceptive and fact-minded individuals, who approach each task with a pragmatic and logical mindset.

Let’s join forces!

Different positions and tasks needs different personalities and competencies.
Do you think that you could you add more weight, more value to our team? Then don’t hesitate sending in your application – we are continuously looking for talented and dedicated people!

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