Grow your career exponentially in a startup

We're looking for skilled people to join our mission to provide a 10x better banking experience for consumers all over Europe

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We have fun

We are hard-working and eager to deliver results, yet focus on having fun at the same time.

We know that great co-workers are our single biggest asset, which is why we aim to be the best possible workplace.

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We are innovative

In our products and in our marketing we aim to push the envelope.

Our ability to come up with innovative, yet simple solutions determines the speed of and the degree of impact our products and our marketing has to our customers.

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We are solid

We are not the typical startup raising money and burning it like there is no tomorrow.

We are profitable, yet still growing rapidly - In fact we are among the fastest-growing startups in Denmark.

The office spirit is characterized by a crazy mix of hard work and a lot of jokes and laughter
Amanda Özek
The perks are great, and I really enjoy the atmosphere at the office
Martin Jessen
You get to test your ideas quickly and the implementation time is often measured in hours - not weeks
Morten Nevado
Your opinions and inputs are always highly valued
Natascha Pustelnik

Job openings

We are always looking for A-players. You’re welcome to send an unsolicited application, as we are continually looking to fill new positions.